Mada mada sune, the beginning

I have decided to write this blog for many reasons.

First, I have learned a lot on the Internet from other blogs, forums, sites and so on. I think it’s time to really give something back, even if it’s just a very little spot on the Internet. I like when people share their knowledge and I think I have to share some of mine too. Today, I sometimes contribute on forums, wikis, projects or some users lists, but it was still not sufficient. The Internet is such a wonderful world of sharing, I wanted to be part of it by contributing personally. So, all personal content will be published under CC BY-SA and, of course, this blog will be ad-free.

Second, we still have a lot of stuff to learn but we’ll – individually – never succeed in learning all that we want. That’s the meaning of mada mada sune, that’s the reason why I chose this name. Learning something is just the first step for discover ing others new things to learn that are hidden behind the first. Especially in computer science.


By writing, I know I will refine my own knowledge. Trying to describe something we know will generally help us to better master the topic by forcing us to clearly explain it. Moreover, sharing posts and sharing comments will probably help me to better understand some topics or see it from a different point of view thanks to comments. That’s my vision of personal improvement : sharing, gathering feedback and sharing again. I just hope some readers will find some new knowledge or some solutions to their problems.

This blog isn’t specialized on a specific subject in IT ; it will talk about Java, Automation, Practices, Web, Experiences, Security, Agile, Tests, Quality, Databases, Linux, OSS, Performance and probably much more. My commitment is to write a personal post per month, and sometimes try to publish other comments about another blog posts or news.


Curious software engineer. Love OSS and sharing.

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